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Air Purifier -
Air PurifierAir PurifierAir PurifierAir PurifierAir PurifierAir Purifier

HOW DOES IT WORK: With a 3-stage filtration process, you can enjoy your home, bedroom or office without worrying about airborne bacteria. Includes fine preliminary filtration to obstruct large particles like lint, hair, and pet fur - True HEPA filtration to trap fine particles like dander, dust mites, pollen and other allergens as small as .3 microns from the air - Lastly, Activated carbon filtration absorbs household odors such as cooking smells and pet odors. 

COMPACT DESIGN: Compliment your room, office, or home with the elegantly designed Air Purifier. Its subtle portable size blends into any area. With 360° airflow, the Air Purifier takes in air from all sides. Designed for large and small rooms. Feel comfortable with a low noise operation in your home, office, or bedroom. Comes with 3 light settings: Off, subtle light indicator, and warm light ambiance. automatic shut-off timer including 2 Hour, 4 Hour, and 8 Hour timings. 

PURIFY THE AIR YOU BREATH: The Air Purifier captures 99.7% of dust, allergens, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold, and odor thanks to its True HEPA Filtration System. When the power indicator light flashes red, it means it's time to replace your filter. It’s recommended to replace your filter every 3 months depending on the level of purification needed. 

MUST HAVE FOR PET OWNERS OR SMOKERS: If you have pets around the house or if you suffer from second-hand tobacco smoke, the Air Purifier will eradicate such odors and harmful airborne bacteria instantly. The air will be cleaner and healthier which can drastically reduce your respiratory issues. Enjoy the fresh air and prevent asthmatic or breathing problems.

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