​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Wireless Pads for TENS Unit | WI9 HealthmateForever

HealthmateForever WI9 Wireless Pads

  • $ 99.99

  • 1 wireless receiver
  • 2 sets of self-adhesive electrode pads
  • 1 transmitter
  • User Manual
  • Gift box
  • If any questions or concern please feel free to contact us.
  • Recognize up to 40 therapeutic solutions
    • Two independent channels A and B
    • Rechargeable device
    • No wire needed
    • Light weight design
    • Pads you used have to be compatible with the device. Every pad needs a receiver connected with it. 
    • If any questions or concern please feel free to contact us.
    • Output pulse width: 90μS ± 15%
    • Pulse Frequency: <100HZ
    • Max output amplitude: <5V (r.m.s)
    • Input Voltage: DC5V
      • Rated current: ≤ 50mA
        • Rated Power: ≤ .25W
        • Size: 1.75"
        • Weight: 0.6 oz
        • If any questions or concern please feel free to contact us.

            HealthmateForever  WI-9 is a wireless receiver. It can only be used with our TENS Units that have wireless feature, except the TENS units use 3 AAA batteries. No control (TENS) unit is included in the kit. Please use HealthmateForever TENS/PMS electronic device that re compatible with the transmitter. 

            It's as simple as turning over your current HealthmateForever TENS Unit to see if it is compatible with the WI9 Wireless Pads. Look for the Wireless symbol on the back.

            The highest number of modes HealthmateForever devices offer is 40, and the lowest is 6. The transmitter can recognize up to 40 modes depending on which TENS/EMS unit you have. For instance, if your device have 10 modes, the transmitter will recognize 10 modes only.

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            Directions for use:

            1. Take off the protective plastic film from the pads.

            2. Connect the wireless receiver to pads and turn it ON (channel A will be the default setting).

            3. Connect the transmitter to the USB port of tens device.

            4. Attach the pads to the massage area.

            5. Turn ON the TENS device.

            6. Select the channel you wish to use, A or B.

            7. Set the desired intensity on channel A or B.

            8. When you finish using the device, turn off the TENS device and the wireless receiver. Take off pads from your body and store them properly.

            9. Please DO NOT attempt to use multi devices to control one receiver.

            10. One TENS device is able to use multi devices to control one receiver.

            11. Please don't use the WI9 when it is charging.

            12. When the battery is low, the power indicator flashes quickly.

            13. When the distance was too far between WI9 receiver and control unit, the mode and channel may be disconnected.

            14. When the control unit and WI9 are not synchronized, please repeat step 3-8.


            Cleaning and/or maintenance instructions:

            • Make sure your skin is free any dirt, oil, or lotions.
            • Before applying the pads, put a few drops of tap water on your fingers and rub them on both pads. This will help the pads maintain their adhesiveness. 
            • When you finish using the device, make sure that it is turned off.
            • Place the protective film back on the pads or lace the pads on the collection board after you take off the pads.
            • Store the unit in a cool, dry place until next use. 

            If any questions or concern please feel free to contact us.