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Conductive Silver thread Socks

Conductive Silver thread Socks

  • $ 27.99

HealthmateForever Conductive socks come with 2 socks per pair.

  • BRAND: HealthmateForever
  • GENDER: Unisex|Men's|Women's
  • STYLE/LENGTH: Conductive Apparel 
  • CONDITION:  Ailments|Arthritis/sports injury

Whether your a serious athlete or you're just suffering from some pain, this high quality HealthmateForever conductive apparel will improve your orthopedic health!

  • Can be used on right or left

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Leg, Ankle & Foot
Anterior Ankle Pain
Anterior Leg Pain
Dorsal Forefoot Pain
Dorsal Great Toe Pain
Dorsal Lesser Toe Pain
First Steps in the Morning Feel as if Walking on Nails
Heel Pain
Lateral Ankle Pain
Lateral Leg Pain
Medial Ankle Pain
Metatarsal Heel Pain
Plantar Great Toe Pain
Plantar Lesser Toe Pain
Plantar Midfoot Pain
Posterior Ankle Pain
Posterior Leg (Calf) Pain
Restless Leg Syndrome
Shin Splint-Type Pain
Tight Achilles Tendons
Upper/Lower Leg Cramps
Weak Ankles