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elfraserxxxx@gmail.com Sent to HealthmateForever: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 2:43 PM from Ellen Fraser
South Portland, Maine 04106

Dear Healthmate:

My letter concerns something which you may want to explore regarding "itching". I have MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) - and while I purchased one of your units to help with life long lower back pain - I decided to try this for my chronic urticaria (hives). I have just reported to my allergist that 2-3, 20 minute treatments at a low setting applied directly to an area with hives - will bring 4-5 hours of relief, and by the 3rd treatment the hives (at that location only however) - the hives have stopped and faded away. This is a huge huge issue - and she said it needs to be explored and tested out and was very supportive of my using the TENs unit for this purpose when she found out what I was saying.

If you research MCAS you will see that it is a huge huge problem - world wide - and only now being acknowledged. There are no cures - and treatment is either steroids (not good) or bio-engineered drugs at $900 per injection (not affordable) - and both steroids and the shots - only 'hold off' or put the hives into brief remissions. Palliative only. Using a TENS unit - I would say - involves no chemicals or drugs.

I love your device and you have a life long customer.

Thank you. But I hope you do something with this finding.


Ellen Fraser