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Warranty Policy

Please read below to see our full Warranty Policy.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

If you need to return or replace a unit please email us at support@healthmateforever.com to obtain authorization.

Healthmate International LLC provides our consumers with a Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our TENS EMS devices which is valid in the USA and Canada. The warranty states that: A limited lifetime warranty is a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship of our units that has no time limit to make a claim, rather than a warranty that the product will perform for the lifetime of the buyer.

HealthmateForever warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, normal wear, industrial use or neglect or the attachment of any unauthorized accessory, alteration to the product, or any other conditions whatsoever that are beyond the control of HealthmateForever TENS EMS unit. This warranty is effective only if purchased and operated in the USA and Canada. A product that requires modification or adaptation to enable it to operate in any country other than the country for which it was designed, manufactured, approved and/or authorized, or repair of products damaged by these modifications is not covered under warranty.  This TENS EMS unit shall not be responsible for any type of incidental, consequential or special damages.

However we do provide our consumers with the option to buy a 2 year accidental warranty which is priced at $100.00.

How is the unit replaced?

New version will be replaced if the old version is discontinued.

Due to the manufacturer’s defect, free replacement of a new control unit is provided.

If it is not due to the manufacturer’s defect, you can buy a new unit or upgrade unit for a discounted price.

Return Policy

Our TENS units are covered by a limited lifetime warranty due to manufacturer’s defect warranty. Products purchased at our company are exchangeable but not refundable.

For those purchases of TENS devices from other countries, if you need to return for warranty service, you pay your return the malfunctioning TENS devices for test and examination. You just need to mail the device with the lowest shipping fee and pay $19.95 online here.

*****Federal and State laws prohibit the return of any personal care item for reason of hygiene*****

Technical Support and Customer Service are available. 

Monday- Friday 10:00 am-5:00pm Central Standard Time USA

Our office is closed on weekends and holidays.

Toll free: (888) 860-7788

Email:  support@healthmateforever.com

How to Obtain Your Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty:

Obtaining warranty service is easy. Please mail or email the registration card to us within 10 days of the purchase

You can also register your warranty online HERE

Step to Replacing Your Device with the Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty:

How to contact us for trouble shooting before replacement?

If you are having operating issues with your device, please contact Healthmate at 1.888.860.7788 to speak with a friendly customer service representative, who will walk you through some steps of operation or trouble shooting steps.  If it is determined that warranty service is necessary you can send in the non-working device to Healthmate at the address below:

Service Department
Healthmate International, LLC
8901 Washington Street
Kansas City MO 64114

As we have a high volume of phone calls, you may have to remain in a queue and wait for our customer service representatives to respond. You can also go to email us and with brief description of the issue you are encountering. Customer Service will assist you with trouble shooting before we send you instruction on how to return for replacement.

Please include the following items with your return, please make sure you have authorized the return with Customer Service before returning.

  • Defective unit and/or wire connector.
  • Copy of your receipt showing the date, vendor, and amount paid or order ID #.
  • A brief note describing the reason for return.
  • Return shipping address, phone number and email address.
  • A check for $19.95 payable to Healthmate International, LLC to cover the processing and handling fee.
  • Note: For an international order, you can pay $19.95 online here, you pay your lowest international shipping fee if you return TENS device for test and examination.
  • We double check each order before shipping and make sure unit is functional. If you receive a damaged unit, please inform us immediately so that we can file a claim with our carriers.

When a defect arises and a valid claim is received, a new unit (color may vary) will be sent to you if it is not salvageable. If the old model was discontinued, a new unit with equivalent value or more will be sent to you.

How is the malfunctioning unit replaced if it is a valid claim?

  • If we find that your issue is due to the manufacturer’s defect, free replacement of a new control unit will be provided. A new unit with equivalent value or more will be replaced if the old version happens discontinued.
  • If it is worn out or damaged by yourself, you can buy a new unit or an upgrade unit for a discounted price.