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Explore regarding "itching"

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elfraserxxxx@gmail.com Sent to HealthmateForever: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 2:43 PM from Ellen Fraser          South Portland, Maine 04106

Dear Healthmate:

My letter concerns something which you may want to explore regarding "itching". I have MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) - and while I purchased one of your units to help with life long lower back pain - I decided to try this for my chronic urticaria (hives). I have just reported to my allergist that 2-3, 20 minute treatments at a low setting applied directly to an area with hives - will bring 4-5 hours of relief, and by the 3rd treatment the hives (at that location only however) - the hives have stopped and faded away. This is a huge huge issue - and she said it needs to be explored and tested out and was very supportive of my using the HealthmateForever TENS unit for this purpose when she found out what I was saying.

If you research MCAS you will see that it is a huge huge problem - world wide - and only now being acknowledged. There are no cures - and treatment is either steroids (not good) or bio-engineered drugs at $900 per injection (not affordable) - and both steroids and the shots - only 'hold off' or put the hives into brief remissions. Palliative only. Using a HealthmateForever TENS unit - I would say - involves no chemicals or drugs.

I love your device and you have a life long customer.  

Thank you. But I hope you do something with this finding.
Ellen Fraser

Hello Healthmate folks: 12/2/15
So pleased to report back that the TENS unit is still providing the same itch relief to me, now dating back to my purchase of one of your units in August 2015.
When the pads are applied directly to areas with hives (which also obviously itch horribly) - I am able to stop the itch for 4-5 hours at a time - and after 2-3 days use on a regular cycle - actually stop that particular patch of hives, being treated. Not forever obviously - but with a few days break... sometimes longer.
Chronic idiopathic urticaria is not curable and physicians have no real ideas what triggers or starts it. There are now over 20 individuals using a TENs unit finding relief from the rabid itching, who participate regularly in various Facebook support groups. I cannot speak to whether they purchased a Healthmate unit of course - but the ratings of your units, along with the warranty, I am sure holds sway.

My best for the coming year. I hope to see clinical studies done for all of us with itch (puritis) problems.
Ellen Fraser

From: wilmerxxx@mchsi.com   Sent: Saturday, October 3, 2015 4:11 PM 

To: support@healthmateforever.com
Subject: Product review

 To whom it may concern,

Your product, HealthmateForever insole, is by far the best my husband has ever used. He suffers with the skin condition eperdermolysis bullosa on his feet and hands. A condition that any friction causes extreme blisters. Most with this condition are hardly fuctioning, surprisingly, he is active at work and recreation just like anyone else. There is no cure and he will never walk without pain, but we were excited that your product helps him to maintain a sense of normal. I always thought of he could walk on liquid it would reduce the friction, so I googled such a thing. To my surprise, I found your product. We purchased his first pair of insoles about six months ago, and a recently a second as his first pair burst in his work boots. I'm not sure what the expected use for your product is, but it's a small price to pay for six months for his sense of ease.

Thank You,
Chasity Reed-Burke