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how to use tens units?

picture transcription

step 1

Plug the pad wires into the A and B channels located at the bottom of the device.

*For other models, channels may locate on top or on the side of the device.


Snap the wire onto the pads for powered muscle stimulation.

step 3

Carefully peel off the plastic film on the pads.

step 4

Place the pads at least 3 centimeters apart, on each side of the desired area.

step 5

Turn the unit on by switching the on/off button, located at top bottom of the device. You will see a screen appear.

*For other models, the on/off button may locate on top of the device.

step 6

  • Set the time (by clicking the clock.) We recommend an average of 30 minutes per use. 
  • Select any mode (by touching the screen). 
  • Adjust the strength by clicking the -/+ button. 
  • Pause the muscle stimulation while keep the settings (push the center button). 
  • For dual channels, alter the mode and intensities on A and B channel.

step 7

Sit back and enjoy your HealthmateForever TENS therapy.

step 8

After using the device, Turn it off completely FIRST.

step 9

THEN, Unplug all wires. Make sure the device is turned off before unplugging the wires.

step 10

Remove pads and place them on the pad holder to ensure the longevity of the pads.