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Event Date 12/05/2015
Event Type Injury
Event Description
I purchased this tens unit product from (b)(6). The unit was not as described. It was not fda cleared as they claimed. I later came to find out the company is being sued for selling knock off/counterfeit tens unit. I had experienced more muscle pain and burns on my skin after using 789tens device, it was a 12 modes touchscreen unit. I then went out and asked another company about the problem and if it is normal and they noticed the problem was the poor quality of their products being manufactured with no legitimate testing done but rather a short cut clone of another company's product. I researched them further online and found their products were a knockoff and unsafe to use and that there was a lawsuit pending against them. I feel i was ripped off and fooled with their fraudulent claim of being fda cleared. Please investigate this company against unlawful fda claims designed to fool the consumers, the legal action lawsuit against them for selling counterfeit/knockoff low quality products and please let the general public be aware of their scam and danger to their body and health when using one of the 789tens devices.