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The Yin and Yang of HealthmateForever

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For thousands of years, this symbol has encompassed the surrounding world in two opposites: yin and yang. Dating back to 700 B.C.E., yin yang has been an integral part of Chinese Tradition in explaining the intricacies of the energies that makeup the environment in which we live in.

The white and black, so perfectly mixed represents two main components: balance and harmony.


When one side leans left, the other leans right making yin yang the ultimate balancing act. Yin is night, yang is day and together they equal one another out. It is also said that they are fire and water, North and South, Female and Male, and light and darkness. These opposites, although contradictory, work together to create stability among our life.


When these counterparts begin to work collectively, a sense of unity and harmony allows the yin and yang to bring true integration. This ebb and flow of the two are the essence of life’s dynamic and when functioning simultaneously the results are total peace, but when there is discord there is also disorder.


Because the yin yang explains essentially everything in the world, there are close ties between balance/harmony and health. If something is inconsistent within the body, there is a deficiency of either yin or yang. Physiologically speaking, yin and yang represent different sections of the body. Lower half of the body (including the abdomen), and internal area of the body is attributed to Yin. Upper half (including the back) and all exterior areas are Yang territory. If there is a complication among one region, it can be linked back to an imbalance of yin and yang creating this lack of harmony in well-being.


Using the Ancient Chinese Tradition of Yin-Yang, HealthmateForever specializes in products that realign the balance and create harmony within your muscles and overall body. Because of their drug-free, non invasive technology, HealthmateForever can easily bring more energy into sore, painful muscles without the high cost of massage therapy or a chiropractor. To regain unity within your body, try a unit here

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