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PRO6ABS HealthmateForever TENS Unit & Muscle Stimulator

  • $ 35.00

  • 1 TENS EMS device
  • 2 sets of self-adhesive electrode pads 2½  inches
  • 2 sets of dual leads wire with dia. 3.5mm plug
  • 1 USB cable and AC adapter wall charger (110V-240V)
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Pads holder
  • Gift box
  • ATTENTION: Upgrade to Wireless Kit in drop down menu
  • If any questions or concern please feel free to contact us.


  • 24 preprogrammed massage modes with different waveforms:
    • Tuina (Push & Pull), Acupuncture, Tapping, Guasha (Scraping), Cupping, and Combination
  • A large, easy to read LCD display of modes, current time left on session, intensity and battery level indicator..
  • Adjustable 10-80 minute timer
  • 6 main modes and each with 4 sub-modes.
  • 2 outputs with adjustable intensity.
  • Rechargeable internal lithium battery.
  • 20 intensity level settings.
  • Lithium battery can be recharged through both AC adapter wall charger and computer with USB extension cable.
  • AC wall charger: 110V-240V
  • If any questions or concern please feel free to contact us.
    • Output pulse width: 90µS ± 15%
    • Pulse frequency: <100Hz
    • The maximum output amplitude: <5V (r.m.s)
    • Input voltage: DC5V
    • Rated current: ≤50mA
    • Rated power: ≤25W
    • If any questions or concern please feel free to contact us.

    Step 1: Connecting the electrode to the control unit.      

    The Pro6ABS is equipped with two isolated channels A&B. This will allow you to set separate modes and separate intensities on each channel. Before connecting the wires to the unit, decide which channel you wish to use (channel A or B). To use A channel only, connect the electrode wire(s) to output A. To use B channel only, connect the electrode wire(s) to output B. To use both A, B channels, please connect wires to all outputs.

    1. Plug the electrode wire into the output located on the bottom of the device. Depending on your needs, you may use one or two outputs.
    2. Ensure that the electrode wires are fully inserted into the output and secured. Make sure the wires are not loose. A loose connection will lower the power output of your device, potentially causing unreliable connection.
    3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 to connect another wire.

    Step 2: Connecting the electrode pads to the wires.

    1. Each wire has two leads with Snap-On connectors. Snap the wire connectors onto the snap buttons on the pads.
    2. Make sure at least one pair of pads are attached to the same wire.
    3. Check the snap connections to ensure they are fastened.
    4. Remove the plastic films on the pads.

    Step 3: Place pads on your body.

    Place pads on the muscle you wish to treat. Place the adhesive side of pad on your skin.

    Step 4: Turn on the device.

    Push the “ON/OFF” switch located on the top of the unit to the ON position.

    Step 5: Select modes and intensity.

    You can see 6 different modes with four numbers on each corner of the mode on the screen. This model Pro6ABS has 6 operating modes. Each operating mode has 4 sub-programs, so there are total 24 different programs.

    Verify the channel indicator on the screen to make sure the device is on the same channel you wish to use. The “A” letter will blink to indicate channel A is working. The “B” letter will blink to indicate channel B is working. 

    The device will automatically set to channel A, sub-program 1 of mode 1, with zero intensity.

    Press “M” (Mode) button to select sub-programs under the 6 modes. Long press the “M” (Mode) button for 2-3 seconds to select 6 modes. When you select a mode, the device will automatically selected sub-program 1 of this mode.

    Note: The number icons around each mode icon indicate 4 different sub-programs. For example, if “3” icon of mode number 3 is displaying, it means you are on sub-program 3 of mode number 3.

    Press the channel switch button once to switch between channel A and B. Then select modes by following the instruction above for each channel separately.

    Step 6: Adjust intensity.

    Press the intensity “+”“-” button to set the desired intensity.

    Press intensity “+” button to increase the intensity.

    Press intensity “-” button to decrease the intensity.

    When switching modes, the intensity will automatically set zero. Repeat step 6 after changing the mode.

    As mentioned previously, this device is equipped with two isolated channels A&B. You will need to adjust the intensity for each channel separately by pressing the mode switch button.

    Step 7: Adjust timer.

    Press the “T” button to adjust timer.

    Step 8: Turn off the device.

    Push the “ON/OFF” switch.

    Step 9: Remove the pads from your skin.

    Remove the pads from your skin softly and place them back on the provided pad holder or the protective plastic film.

    DO NOT remove the pads before you turn off the device.

    Step 10: Take off the pads from wires. Unplug wires from device.