Company Overview – HealthmateForever

Company overview

HealthmateForever combined TENS & PMS units are nerve stimulators for pain relief and muscle stimulators for muscle conditioning that use self-adhesive electrode pads to target specific nerve and muscle areas. Our electrode pads do not require gel or creams to be applied to the skin and can be used up to 100 times with proper maintenance. We offer a wide variety of high quality replacement electrode pads in varying sizes, shapes, and colors to allow for effective pain treatment and muscle conditioning.

FDA cleared Class II OTC (Over the Counter) HealthmateForever TENS & PMS devices combine modern digital prorgramming technology, TENS & EMS technology, bioelectricity technology and human body simulation technology with ancient Chinese therapeutic methods. Usually the electrotherapy devices used in the clinic by many doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals, they are bulk in size, also need prescriptions, but our personal home electrotherapy devices such as combined TENS & PMS units are compact, portable, and easy to use. You can fit your HealthmateForever in a purse or a pocket which allows our clients to go anywhere, at anytime and relieve their pain and condition their muscles. Enjoy unlimited soothing therapy in the comfort of home, without worrying about scheduling medical appointment, ask sick day leave, gas and expensive health bills for multi sessions of physical therapy (normally around $75 per hour in the chiropractor's office, even if you have insurance, you still need to copay).

Many of our clients have tried Western medicine to attempt to alleviate their pain. Thousands of testimonials and feedback are very supportive to our medical devices such as TENS and muscle stimulators. Some tried surgery, pills, steroid shots etc, but with no better results. Once our clients tried HealthmateForever TENS and muscle stimulators, they found solutions to their pain relief and muscle conditioning and finally are experiencing long lasting relief for a fraction of the cost. 

Healthmate is a customer-oriented provider of great quality products at great prices! We’re focused on customer satisfaction and have built our reputation based on great friendly service and honesty.

Since HealthmateForever products were launched to the market in 2010, Healthmate Forever gained high reputation. Over a million of people worldwide benefit from HealthmateForever therapy products. Healthmate will continue to improve our products to reward our loyal customers.

Healthmate International, LLC

Toll free: (888) 860-7788


Address: 8901 Washington St, Kansas City MO 64114 USA

Official Website:

Business hours: 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday Central Time USA


Sharing Expertise – More Than Just Two Words

“Sharing Expertise” is a promise from Healthmate to customers and colleagues to share medical knowledge and expertise for the benefit of health, to use this knowledge and build on it effectively and consistently, in dialogue with partners or endusers. The HealthmateForever brand rests on our brand values of innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Driving Innovation:

Innovation refers to products, services and internal company processes – from a suggestion for improving everyday working life to developing a new product. To encourage innovation, each year Healthmate rewards creative ideas with the Innovation Prize. However, the brand value of “Innovation” also finds its expression in state-of-the-art production facilities. We have invested in home research as well as investments in new technologies to give our consumers the best product on the market

Increasing Efficiency:

Efficiency shows itself in modern customer service. We’re focused on customer satisfaction and have built our reputation based on friendly service and honesty.

Living Sustainability:

As a family owned company, Healthmate feels responsible for its employees and the regions in which it is active. This is our understanding of ‘sustainability’. It includes doing business in a way that is environmentally responsible. Healthmate provides support for individuals who are disabled, a senior citizen, veterans etc.

East meets West. Live well.
Help people benefit from Eastern traditional therapeutic techniques and modern Western medical technology.

Healthmate's intellectual property: copyrights, Patent, Pending Patent and trademark reserved by Healthmate International, LLC

HealthmateForever medical device TENS and muscle stimulators are in accordance with International Standard ISO 14971- Medical devices –Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices.

Lifetime warranty, 100% guarantee free from manufacturer’s defect for the HealthmateForever TENS and muscle stimulators. 

Healthmate design and innovation TENS and muscle stimulators

    • The first company to design the digital pocket size TENS & PMS with different massage methods and battery level indicator in 2010; 
    • The first company to design the pocket size TENS & PMS with backlit in the world in  2012;
    • The first one to have patent design of independent intensity control in both AB channels in the pocket size TENS & PMS units in the world in  2012; 
    • The first one to design both mode and intensity selection in AB channels in the world in January in 2012;
    • The first one to design vibrating massager with remote control in 2014;
    • The first one to design Touch Screen TENS & PMS unit in the world in about 2014;
    • several patent and copyrights we applied are pending.

We are proud to be in a leading place in the innovative pocket size TENS and PMS line.

All the copyrights, patent and trademark are reserved by Healthmate International, LLC.

FDA Compliance

By constantly being more competitive in features, functions, prices and aftersale services Healthmate International brings our consumers state of the art TENS and PMS medical devices.

    • Establishment Registration and Device Listing with FDA in class I or Class II
    • HealthmateForever TENS devices complies with the following standards and FDA guidance of TENS and Powered Muscle Stimulator. IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2, IEC60601-2-10, ISO10993-5, ISO10993-10
    • TENS & PMS devices are in accordance with International Standard ISO 14971- Medical devices –Application of Risk Management to Medical Device
    • TENS & PMS devices are in accordance with International Medical Standard ISO13485

Production Line :

    Quality Test on the production line

    HealthmateForever® medical devices are FDA cleared Class II, OTC for safety and effectiveness, no prescription needed. 

     The HealthmateForever TENS and powered muscle stimulators. 

    TENS: Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulators

    EMS: Electronic Muscle Stimulator. Now called PMS: Powered Muscle Stimulator.

    FDA class II ensures safety and effectiveness of medical devices.

    OTC: Over the counter use. FDA allows OTC medical devices to sell to the general public.

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